Temporary Fencing

We have top-notch temporary fences in Oregon.

We offer quick and reliable fencing in Eugene and surrounding areas. We also offer temporary fencing options from Portland or Medford!

temporary fencing in Oregon

Why Our Temporary Fencing?

On Time, Every Time

If you want a temporary fence rental, then make our Eugene fence company is your go-to provider for reliable service every time.

We provide prompt delivery, set up and pick up of your temporary fences.

We ensure your fence delivers to your chosen location on time and get it set it up efficiently there so that you are all set for your event, construction project or another occasion.

We also schedule pick up your fencing when you no longer require its use. Simply call us to place an order today!

Reliable Materials

We Meet Your Expectations

Our temporary fences are strong and durable. Our clients rely on us to help them fulfill their purpose of blocking off an area for a certain amount of time, and they love us for it.

The materials are made to withstand the pressure you put on them, meeting your expectations every time you rent them from us.

Whether you need a temporary privacy fence, a temporary construction fence, or any other need, we use only top-quality materials as they are most reliable.

We carry many different types of fencing options, so you get the one that best suits your needs.

In addition, we keep your site as safe as possible by suggesting the best type for your specified use. They are stable and made to fit within a range of locations, even when space is at a premium. 

Do you plan to rent temporary fences from an Oregon rental fence company? If so, we have easy tips for you to follow here.

If you live in Oregon, there are many reasons for wanting this type of short-term fencing from our temporary fence company. We also handle normal permanent fence installations as well, but we can also handle any of your temporary needs.

Common uses for the rented fences are for construction sites, housing sites, storage, crowd control or safety reasons.

While the ordering process should be straightforward, it helps to know what questions to ask when you order a fence.

As one of the top fence rental companies in Eugene, Oregon, we also can help you in most of the state of Oregon. Just give us a call!

Things To Consider When Renting a Fence

  1. Make sure you have the right information available when you phone for a price quote. We can help you with this process when you call us. You can also fill out our form and we can give you call at a later time.

  2. Decide where you want the temporary fence to go and prepare the location for where it will be put, so that it can easily be installed without damaging anything at your site.

  3. Determine the height and how much you need. we suggest you have an idea of how high you want your temporary fencing to be for maximum safety of everyone within or outside the site. You may also want to request extra fencing support products, particularly if you are worried about crowd control or have other safety concerns.

Contact us today!

Our capable crews have complete safety equipment and review of standard construction safety. 

We are here to take care of your temporary fence needs today, tomorrow and in the future. Our temporary fencing company is solution to your temporary fencing needs! No job is too big or too small.

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